Barry Hudson

Barry Hudson

Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett

We buy homes for cash and can close at your convenience because it’s what we do as professional real estate investors. Our home buying solution is totally unique. Realty AQ, LLC actually takes title to the home, unlike other cash buyers who put the house ‘under contract’ for a predetermined amount of time then must find an actual cash buyer.

We have done well over 5000 real estate transactions. If selling a house is in your plans, then you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We will determine if our home buying solution is the very best fit for your situation. All consultations are confidential and you are under no obligation what-so-ever. Selling your home for cash is a private sale, which means it won’t affect the area home values. Contact Barry Hudson in Kansas City at 816-545-9344, and Kevin Barnett in St Louis at 314-282-3377. Barry & Kevin personally answer their calls & emails because we know how frustrating it can be to speak to assistants and hokey recordings. Selling a home is a huge decision and should only be handled by the actual cash buyer.

Why sell to us? and not the other guys

Our Process Their Process
We are the actual cash buyer and can prove it Put your house under contract for a specified period of time because they are not the actual buyer. They cannot show proof of funds either.
We can close on a date most convenient to you. Hope to find an actual cash buyer for your home so they can close, period.
You can close today and move later. And you can even leave what you don't want behind. Demand you have all your stuff out on a specific date, no exceptions, because they are not the one taking title.
All contact with us is strictly confidential. They must market your home to potential 'actual cash buyers', which is in no way confidential. They sometimes want to put a lockbox on your door for showings as well.
No inspections required because we buy it 'as is'. Once they find an 'actual cash buyer', many times they will require an inspection.

Kansas City - 816.545.9344 • St. Louis - 314.282.3377

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